We believe that missionaries play an integral part of the local church, and the church should be willing to support those who have been

called into service either abroad and at home. The missionaries we support must be doctrinally correct, uphold a godly standard, and have a passion for the lost.

     We support home based and foreign missions. For example, we have a missionary in NYC who has a heart for the Jew who is a messianic Jew., he and his wife and grown children and their families are reaching the Jews for Christ We have another Jewish ministry in San Paulo South America who has a burden to reach the Jewish people with the gospel of Christ. Her and her brother are second generation missionaries, Romans 1:16. We also support two other missionaries that are second generation, one is in Mexico and the other one with his family is in Turkey. These are just a few that we support. 

    At this time we are not supporting any missionaries that start indigenous churches, although that is something we have had before in the past, but our missionary has since retired.

    Our missionaries are supported by faith promise and from the general fund. A Faith Promise is what you promise God to give each year to the missionaries. It's a promise not a pledge, it is only between you and God. 

   Each year the Faith Promise continues to go up as people see God blessing them for their faithfulness.