The goals of our fellowship is quite simple;

      First- knowing and doing the will of God and putting Him first in our lives.

The most important part of any Christians life is to have a one-on-one relationship with God. Many believers only have a salvation relationship with God instead of having a personal, relational, and harmonious fellowship with the King of Kings. Statistics show that most Bible- believing Christians spend less than 7minutes a day reading the Word and praying, how can anything be done for Christ with so little pray and personal time in the Word.  My goal as a pastor is to see each one of us develop a strong personal relationship with God, by teaching Gods Word, accountability, and encouraging personal time with God. The more we put God into every aspect of our daily life the more fruit of the Holy Spirit is seen.

      Second is to encourage husbands and wives to see the importance of spending more time with each other and their children; and that the needs of the family outweighs the needs of the church. I believe that too many times the church with it's activities, programs and ministries, keep families far too busy and separated. Dads need to see that they are the spiritual leaders of their home and not the church or the pastor.

Unfortunately we have been programmed to believe that if we are at church whenever something is going on our marriages will prosper and our children will walk with the Lord. Statistics do not bear this out, 80% of the young people in Bible believing homes going to Bible believing churches leave the church when they are old enough to leave home, and 51% of our marriages from these same churches end in divorce. As long as we believe the church and not God has all the answers we will continue to lose our families.

     God must be first in our homes, dads must be the spiritual leaders in their home and the warriors for Christ that God wants them to be. They need to have family devotions, private devotions and reflect the character of Christ if they are to make a difference in their family.

      And last but not least is the church. Our goal is to honor Christ and reflect His character in all that we do. We do not apologize for preaching the simple, basic fundamentals of God's Word or having music that is conservative and traditional. Our goals are to see souls saved, lives changed, marriages and families restored and growing, and men becoming the spiritual leaders of their homes. We see the church as a vital part of the Christians life. Our focus is to worship God as a body of born-again believers of like faith, coming together to worship God in spirit and in truth, Jn.4. We see the church as a living organism not an organization. The unsaved are unable to understand true worship, "for the natural man receives not things of the Spirit of God..." The church is not a place for the unsaved (but we do welcome the lost who are seeking salvation) but for the saved children of God. It is the church's duty to go out into the world to win the lost, not bring the lost into the church.

     It is our conviction that the church is not an entertainment center to amuse and titillate the masses. We are there to please God with the right heart, and worship Him and glorify His name. It is all about God and how we can please Him in our worship service.