Family Ministry

    Family ministry begins in the home. Husbands and wives, mom and dads need more than just a salvation experience with the Lord Jesus Christ, they need to develop that experience into a personal relationship with Him. This relationship then has a

powerful dramatic effect on our marriage, and on our children which then begins to transforms the family into what He wants us to be. When this happens, we begin to see the church as a living organism and not some organization that needs gimmicks and activities to bring people in. When we have our family growing in the Lord in this manner then we can help others. This is how we see the family ministry, getting it right in our own lives so we can help others.

     We are also aware of single parent families and the hard work it is to balance a home and a job with one parent doing the work of two. The spiritual challenges can be overwhelming and the church family needs to be aware of these needs and help in whatever capacity we can.

    One area in the family ministry that people seem to like is our pot-luck lunches that we have every Sunday after the worship service. This gives us an opportunity to enjoy one another's company, minister to others when the occasions arise, and having a safe environment for the children to play and strengthen friendships. 

     Our activities surround the family, whether its a game night, bonfire, movie night or whatever the whole family is involved. The strength of the church depends upon the strength of the family.