Calvary Baptist Church | 97 Connecticut 165, Preston, CT | (860)887-3245

Calvary Baptist Church | 97 Connecticut 165, Preston, CT | (860)887-3245



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perusing our web page. Calvary Baptist Church has a rich history that goes back before the Civil War. The Word of God has always been preached from this pulpit and continues on to this day 

We believe God is a God of "the second chance ."  Many of us here at one time or another have turned away from God to follow our own devices much to our dismay. But the God of love and mercy brought us back into His loving arms.

Many Christians have lost their way and may feel too ashamed or guilty to come back to church. Many of us who have walked this path know that fear and guilt can hinder our way back, but God's love is greater than our sin, guilt, or fear. He is always waiting for His prodigal son or daughter to return and repent. I guarantee you will find no condemnation in God's love, only grace and mercy.

Our goal is to live by the Lord's new command, Jesus said, "A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another as I have loved you." We're not perfect at it, but we strive to show the character of Christ in all that we do.

May God keep guide and bless you​as you seek to become more like Him.